The Family Ministry of Liberty Worshi[ Centre exists to display and bring glory to God by equipping families in the Word of God producing godly marriages and effective parenting, edifying families through discipleship and mentoring, and evangelizing families with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Family of Christ Fellowship is an umbrella over many individual ministries

Jesus affirmed God’s original plan for family and marriage, quoting both Genesis 1:27 and 2:24 (Matt 19:4-6). Ephesians 5:22–6:4 contains a summary of the biblical pattern for family life. Paul gives instructions for husbands, wives, children, and parents.

““God lays out, in these verses, everything we need to know and obey for a successful, harmonious family life.”

— John MacArthur

These are the elements of a successful family: A wife characterized by submission; a husband who loves his wife sacrificially; children who obey and honor their parents; and parents who instruct and discipline their children by being a consistent, godly example. Even if your family is without children, or without a father or mother, the basic formula for family success is the same: each family member must pursue his God-ordained role.

What is the proper way to conceive of the relationship between the family and the church? Are they to be pitted against one another as if the church needs to be kept at bay so families can discipline their children without undue interference from the church? Is the church to be elevated to the extent that families are submerged under a flood of programs and suffer as a result? Neither extreme is desirable.

Instead, the church and the family each ought to recognize their God-given roles and to partner together in bringing glory to God and to respect and affirm each other’s respective spheres. It is the role and responsibility of the church to nurture marriages, to strengthen families, and to evangelize and disciple believers.

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