Our Values

Our Values

We value people becoming followers of Jesus Christ.
We believe God commands us to engage the harvest by bringing all people into a vital saving relationship with Jesus; therefore, we exhort each church to effectively impact their community through evangelism and to multiply through planting new churches in new communities.

We believe God commands us to provide a healthy church family for new believers as well as for the unchurched; therefore, we promote the revitalizing and renewal of existing church members through prayer, assessment tools through ministers who can walk with them into spiritual health.
We believe God commands us to disciple believers to experience the cleansing and empowering of the Holy Spirit in order to live holy lives out of a pure heart; therefore, a goal of discipleship, preaching, and teaching is to lead believers into this deeper life.

We believe God commands us to make disciples of all people; therefore, we actively recruit, appoint and place people in ministry.
We partner with ministries, churches as well as other mission groups to accomplish the divine mandate.

We value God’s revelation to us through Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, prayer and the church.

We believe in a vital holy relationship with Jesus Christ; therefore, we boldly proclaim the necessity of being cleansed from sin through repentance and the in-filling of the Holy Spirit so that we may be Christ-like.

We believe the Bible is God’s inerrant revelation; therefore, we encourage all believers to engage in its systematic reading and study.
We believe in prayer; therefore, we promote the Intercessor teams, being alert to prayer opportunities in every gathering and prayer emphasis in congregational meetings.

We value the resources God gives us – Time, Personnel, and Treasury.

We believe that God entrusts us with time as recourse to develop one another; therefore we encourage regular congregational meetings.

We believe that God entrusts us with leaders; therefore, we are developing a system of assessing, coaching and continuing education to enable them to be more effective ministers of the gospel.

We believe that God entrusts treasury (money and property) to us for expanding His Kingdom; therefore we teach it and practice it.